Mount Sutro Stewards Launches Public Trail Project

Segment links 3-mile Ridge Trail to Golden Gate Park and Twin Peaks

By Kristen Bole

Volunteers helping to maintain a trail on Mount Sutro. Photo courtesy of Sutro Stewards

Volunteers, crew leaders and staff are launching the year-long Clarendon Trail Restoration Project to create the first public access point by trail into the 61-acre Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.

The project, which is supported by REI and the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, represents a new milestone in the partnership between UC San Francisco and the Sutro Stewards, with the joint goals of creating a more usable open space retreat for San Francisco.

On Saturday, REI Ridge Trail Service Day, the restoration kicks off when more than 100 volunteers will brush the corridor and begin building the trail.

When completed in late 2016, the 1,300-foot long trail will serve as a connector to and from Twin Peaks and open space to the southeast. The new trail also will be a key link in the Bay Area Ridge Trail, which will be rerouted through Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve, Interior Greenbelt and Golden Gate Park.

If you’re interested in volunteering at future scheduled workdays, please register on the Sutro Stewards website.