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University of California San Francisco

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Innovation at UCSF

Part of UCSF’s public mission involves translating its research for public use and benefit. By partnering with industry, UCSF can accelerate bringing its innovations to market to ensure that lab findings can ultimately improve lives. Revenue from royalties and licensing fees can then be reinvested into more cutting-edge research. 

By the Numbers


Total active inventions, including copyright and all active sequences


Startups created out of UCSF

$24.4 million

Total royalty and fee income from UCSF inventions in FY17

Top Inventions, Based on Revenues (FY17)

  1. Hepatitis B Vaccine (1979, 1981), $7.79 million
  2. Bovine Growth Hormone (1980), $5.53 million
  3. Ablation Device for Atrial Fibrillation (1998), $4.737 million
  4. Cellular Immunotherapies (2013, 2015, 2016), $890,000