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Now more than ever, it is critical that #UCSFStandsUp and speaks out to help shape local, state, and federal policies that promote our core mission of healthcare, scientific research, education, and public service.

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UC PRIME Students Advocate in Sacramento

Support Legislation to Protect Abortion Providers and Expand Access

Following the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision, UCSF has closely followed the concerning trend of increasingly restricted access to abortion care throughout the nation.

Three bills currently before the California Legislature will expand legal and financial protections for health professionals who provide reproductive care to out-of-state patients and allow abortions to be performed by trained physician assistants without a physician's direct supervision. 

Email your representatives now and help UCSF support these bills to ensure California continues to provide safe harbor for abortion care.

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Ask Congress to increase the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding to $51 billion to continue investing in critical research

UCSF is the top public recipient of NIH funding in the nation. These critical investments support UCSF researchers in making new discoveries in biology, developing new therapies for intractable diseases, and addressing health inequities. 

NIH-funded biomedical, behavioral, social, and population-based research improves our understanding of life and health sciences, equips experts to combat health threats, and makes scientific discoveries a reality. Federal investment in this lifesaving work catalyzes new industries, enhances the U.S.’s global competitiveness, and establishes career paths for aspiring scientists of diverse backgrounds. 

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UCSF is committed to encouraging civic participation throughout our campus and community. Voting is how you make your voice count.

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Advocacy Guidelines

UCSF’s research and advocacy plays an important role in shaping public policy. However, as a 501(c)(3) and a state entity, there are legal restrictions on the types of political activities UCSF employees can engage in on behalf of UCSF. Follow these guidelines to be successful when advocating in your UCSF and person capacities.

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UC Advocacy Network

UCSF also is part of the UC Advocacy Network, which engages community members to help highlight the impact of UC's contributions to government officials and policymakers in Sacramento and Washington D.C. Stay informed about issues relevant to the UC system.

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