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Urge Congress to Reignite Research 

Science has helped lead us out of the pandemic, but the next generation of researchers is being left behind. Ask Congress to invest in research recovery to help mitigate the impacts of the pandemic within infrastructure legislation. Investing in federal research will fuel discovery, spark innovation, and support the next generation of researchers.

How has your research and career trajectory been impacted by the pandemic? Take a short video and share your story on social media. Find video guidelines here and email [email protected] for support. 


Ask Congress to Prioritize Pediatric Mental Health 

Join UCSF and the Children’s Hospital Association in asking Congress to fund children's mental and behavioral health services and support pediatric providers struggling to meet the growing demand for mental health services during COVID-19. Take action using this customizable email template: 


The pandemic has exacerbated an alarming trend. Sadly, youth anxiety, depression and suicide are on the rise. Hospitals across the country have seen a 24% increase in mental health emergencies for kids ages 5 to 11 during the pandemic. Thank you for taking action and strengthening mental health services for children and children’s hospitals!


Promote Health Equity with the State Legislature

UC PRIME trains doctors to care for historically under-resourced communities and reduce health disparities that have only been heightened by COVID-19. You can support health equity, diversity pipelines for medical school, and training our future doctors to practice in underserved communities. Ask State legislators to support the Governor’s State budget request for $12.9 million for UC PRIME, and share why funding to reduce health disparities is more important than ever. Send an email using our customizable prewritten template.

UCSF offers two PRIME program options tailored to meeting the needs of the urban underserved in San Francisco and the rural underserved in the San Joaquin Valley in California. Students participate in the regular medical school curriculum, pursue a master’s degree or research program, and participate in weekly activities and seminars focused on community engagement, leadership, and advocacy.

California's bold ambitions to expand access to care not only requires more doctors but ones with PRIME's specialized training. Thank you for taking action for our future of frontline health care providers who will provide culturally competent care in our state’s underserved communities.

Join in Support of the New Hospital at UCSF Parnassus Heights for San Francisco and Beyond

UCSF is planning to build a new hospital and update UCSF's oldest campus to care for more patients, enhance health professional training, advance research, and expand services to the community. Join us to help secure a new future for UCSF Parnassus Heights and a state-of-the-art hospital. 

Sign up to Advocate for the New UCSF Parnassus Heights Hospital


Your voice is crucial to help us update our outdated and obsolete facilities, help UCSF meet the state’s hospital seismic deadline in 2030, and ensure there are no delays in critical investments in SF's local workforce and economy. Together, we will advocate for expanded patient care, economic investments, and jobs for San Francisco. 

Thank you for helping UCSF continue its mission of service in Parnassus Heights!