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Stand Up for DACA

February 2018

In September, President Trump announced his decision to effectively end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which will deny an estimated 800,000 young people – including students across all four professional schools and the graduate division at UCSF – temporary reprieve to work and study legally in the United States. 

Join UCSF Advocates as we call on Congress to immediately pass bipartisan legislation that provides a permanent solution for these young people – one that allows them to continue to live, work and serve the only country most of them know as home.

Take Action Today

  1. Call your members of Congress. Use the following link:
  2. Share your concern on social media.
Sample Phone Script
  • Hello, my name is ________________ and I’m a constituent of [LEGISLATOR TITLE/NAME].
  • I’m calling today because I’m concerned about the future of our nation’s DACA recipients, and want to stand up on behalf of those in my community at UC San Francisco.
  • UCSF’s DACA students are studying to be doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists and scientists. Our DACA students represent the very best of our country and are actively contributing to UCSF’s mission to heal, train and discover.
  • Congress must act now to pass legislation that will provide a permanent solution for these individuals so that they can continue to live, work and contribute to the only country most of them know as home.

For calls to the House:

  • Please ask Speaker Ryan to end the uncertainty for DACA recipients and put a bipartisan bill on the House floor that will protect them.

For calls to Democratic senators: 

  • Thank you for standing up for DACA recipients and others impacted by the President’s shortsighted immigration policies in the Senate this week.

For calls to Republican senators:

  • Please stand up for DACA recipients and work with your democratic colleagues to find a bipartisan solution to protect them.

If you have experience with DACA students or family members, share a personal story or anecdote.

Sample Tweets
  • DACA students contribute to their communities and to the US. @SpeakerRyan and @GOPLeader owe us all a bipartisan bill that protects DACA. #UCSFStandsUp
  • US made a promise with #DACA. @SpeakerRyan and @GOPLeader owe it to Dreamers to keep that promise with a bipartisan bill. #UCSFStandsUp
  • deserve the chance to live and learn freely. Im calling on @SpeakerRyan and @GOPLeader to defend #DACA with a bipartisan bill. #UCSFStandsUp