Front of the current Parnassus Hospital looking up at the sky

The Project’s Background

In its 2014 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP), UCSF proposed a renewal plan that included the construction of a new facility to replace Moffitt Hospital, built in 1955, to comply with state seismic regulations for acute care hospitals. Buoyed by a $500 million commitment from the Helen Diller Foundation, UCSF has begun planning for a new hospital at UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights, projecting a need for a larger hospital than what was proposed in the LRDP, due to population growth and growing demand throughout California for the specialty care that UCSF Health provides. The new hospital will be built on the current site of the Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics. The Langley Porter outpatient clinics will be relocated to a new building just south of the Mission Bay campus. The inpatient unit, intensive outpatient program, and partial hospitalization program will be relocated to another site in San Francisco still under discussion.

Why a New Hospital is Necessary

The new hospital will provide an opportunity to grow with San Francisco and our neighbors. Here are some of the many benefits.

Bench to Bedside

Advance UCSF Health’s mission of caring, healing, teaching and discovering with newly constructed and renovated buildings providing open spaces to create opportunities for convergence between research, clinical work and education. The new hospital creates a physical space to realize “bench to bedside”, the process of translating laboratory discovery into patient care, a concept that distinguishes UCSF.

Community Benefits

Invest in our community at UCSF’s historic Parnassus Heights campus and create an environment that welcomes community members and serves as a place neighbors will come to for experiences, such as classes, dining and “science on display.”

Emergency and Specialty Care

Expand patient access to specialty and emergency care on the city's west side.

Collaborative Research

Link clinical researchers and scientists who are pioneering important fields, such as immunotherapy and stem cells, to accelerate translation of discoveries into treatments for conditions ranging from diabetes to neurological diseases to organ failure.

Top-Tier Education

Create a teaching ground to train the next generation of clinicians and scientists in a patient-centered environment that promotes compassion and respect, incorporating the latest technologies and methods, while upholding the highest standards of patient safety.


Parnassus hospital looking up at upper floors


Competitive Workplace

Enhance UCSF's ability to recruit and retain top clinicians and scientists, as well as staff, students and trainees.

Population Growth

Demand for UCSF's services is expected to increase due to an aging population, new treatment opportunities and a focus on higher acuity cases.

Seismic Safety

Comply with state seismic regulations SB 1953 for acute care hospitals. First patient by 2030.

A doctor holds a stethoscope to a patient's back



Hospital for the Future

The new hospital will be architecturally outstanding, energy-efficient, seismically sound, and environmentally sustainable. The facility will offer:

Privacy and Community

Comfortable private rooms and calming communal spaces that facilitate stronger, supportive relationships between providers, patients and families.

Holistic Care

A holistic healing experience that begins before check-in and extends throughout the stay, discharge sequence, and continued recovery. It will be a place that transforms patients, their families, and support systems into active participants in their healing process.

Natural Beauty

Panoramic views, sunlight, and natural surroundings, and a supportive workplace with optimal resources for clinicians and staff in surroundings that promote their physical and emotional health.

Integrated Technology

Advanced integrated technologies that create opportunities for personalized services—wayfinding, entertainment, information—and allow patients to take control of their own health and wellness. 

Increased Capacity

The new hospital is projected to be:

• 955,000 square feet
• 384 beds in new hospital
– 144 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds
– 240 Acute Care beds
• 59 Emergency Department bays

• 12 Clinical Decision Unit bays
• 4-6 Ambulance bays
• 40 total Operating Rooms, including 24 new operating rooms in the new hospital
• 15 Interventional Labs

Projected Timeline

The new hospital is a long-term initiative that is projected to be completed by 2030. 


Visioning of the new hospital with community and user group input.


Master planning and programming with community and user group input.


Design phase of new hospital including user group and community input.


Demolition of the Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics.


Construction of the new hospital.


Testing, pre-occupancy, planning and fit-up of the new hospital with user group input.


Grand opening of the UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights.

Doctor laughing with a patient during a medical exam

For more information about the new hospital, please email [email protected].