Cover of the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan showing the Parnassus Campus in the distance

A Blueprint for the Future

The 180-page Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan presents a bold vision for the future of this historic campus. Reflecting broad input from the University’s faculty, staff, trainees, neighbors and beyond, the plan outlines the organizing concepts and design principles for implementation over the next several decades.

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Our Future Campus Will Be...

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The campus will complement and enhance its neighborhood, becoming a welcoming destination for first-time patients, everyday employees, learners, patients, and visitors alike.

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Modernization strategies will support campus functionality, efficiency, and quality of life. This ambitious vision will help adapt to future trends and opportunities.

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Building from a 150+ year legacy of world-class education, research and patient care, the campus environment will match the quality of health sciences within it.

Community Benefits

The plan’s forward-thinking urban planning and design ideas will reshape the Parnassus Heights campus, creating in the process a more valuable asset to the community and the city while addressing some of the everyday challenges facing San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

The following are some of the benefits and solutions that we will explore together with our stakeholders and community partners.

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Practical Solutions for a Dynamic Neighborhood

The plan aims to improve mobility and relieve traffic congestion by building a new Irving Street entry experience, exploring a pedestrian bridge across Parnassus Avenue, and redirecting delivery trucks to a service corridor away from the main road. Increased campus housing and new, publicly accessible open spaces will invigorate the area.

Local Economic Impact and Charity Care

The campus revitalization will support local hiring through UCSF’s Community Construction Outreach Program, and the new hospital allows us to continue providing subsidized and charity care worth more than $273 million (FY17-18) to patients in need.

Community Programs and Services

The future campus will be more inviting for the community to access new public spaces; participate in social and cultural activities such as the Farmer’s Market, Chancellor’s Concert Series, and Library exhibits; and pursue science educational opportunities for adults and youth.

Community Health and Wellness

New clinical facilities enable UCSF to keep pace with the community’s health needs, increasing our capacity for specialty care services; ensuring 24/7 emergency services for San Francisco’s west side neighborhoods; and improving our community health outreach with events such as “Give Kids a Smile Day” at the UCSF Dental Center.

Organizing Concepts for Transforming Parnassus

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The plan focuses on five concepts :

  • Legible for easier navigation between buildings that are organized in campus districts as well as improved way-finding for visitors;
  • Compact yet capable of flexible and sustainable growth within the existing footprint and a new east-west promenade that improves functionality;
  • Integrated with spaces for cross-disciplinary collaboration and a new expanded Saunders Court for social gatherings;
  • Welcoming to everyone in an environment that provides access to natural landscapes and light and an extended public realm with a variety of indoor and outdoor gathering places; and
  • World-class with new and renovated buildings that meet contemporary standards and creates modern spaces.

Visual Concepts for the Future Campus

The plan provides a framework for decision-making and is a reference for architects and designers in the future. While exact designs and specifications haven't been created at this stage, the visual representations below show how the campus could look or function when incorporating legible, compact, integrated, welcoming and contemporary design principles.