The Plan

Representing a milestone in its 143-year history, UCSF released its first-ever campuswide strategic plan in June 2007, charting the University’s course as a global leader in health sciences over the next two decades.

The University engaged in a highly inclusive, two-year process of institutional introspection to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that will serve as a guide to advance its fourfold mission of education, health sciences research, patient care and community service.

UCSF faces challenges such as unprecedented growth in the last 15 years, including expansion at Mount Zion, Laurel Heights and Mission Bay campuses, and steadily declining state financial support. At the same time, however, dramatic advances in science, medicine and technology have presented UCSF with unparalleled opportunities to improve human health.

Against the backdrop of this reality and promise, Chancellor J. Michael Bishop in July 2005 appointed a Strategic Planning Board comprising faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows and postdoctoral scholars to oversee the creation of the strategic plan. Board members included representatives from the schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy, Graduate Division, Academic Senate, campus administration and UCSF Medical Center.

The goals for the strategic plan were twofold: first, to develop a comprehensive, integrated plan based on academic priorities to guide UCSF’s direction; and second, to collaboratively engage the UCSF community in the process.

To assist in the planning process, the board retained the services of AMC Strategies, a firm specializing in strategic planning for academic health centers. Additional assistance came from the UCSF Foundation through its Strategic Planning Committee, the Chancellor’s University-Community Partnerships Council and the Community Advisory Group.

Members of the campus community at large participated in the process through focus groups, in-depth interviews, town hall meetings at all five major campus sites and a campuswide survey. In that survey, 2,092 respondents gave their opinions on the key issues to be considered in developing the plan.

UCSF also conducted a thorough assessment of national peer institutions and an extensive analysis of campus resources, finances, facilities and infrastructure. At its retreat in July 2006, the board reviewed and discussed the findings and began constructing the framework for the strategic plan.

After significant deliberations, the board adopted advancing health worldwidetm as the UCSF mission statement. Building upon this mission, a formal vision with strategies emerged. In October 2006, six strategy design teams with about 40 representative stakeholders per team, including some board members, developed specific recommendations to realize UCSF’s vision.

The strategic plan is a great testimony to the collaborative culture of the campus community and its collective wisdom on how UCSF can fulfill its mission of advancing health worldwide.

Annual Progress Reports

Strategic Planning Board

Design Team Members

Team A: Recruitment & Retention

  • David Gardner, Chair
  • Joyce Hammel, Co-Chair

Board Members

  • Elena Fuentes-Afflick
  • Elena Gates
  • May Louie
  • Sally Marshall
  • Susan Montrose
  • Derk Purcell
  • Eugene Washington

Non-Board Members

  • Michael Adams
  • Brian Alldredge
  • Renee Binder
  • Jonathan Carter
  • Joe Castro
  • Mary Croughan
  • Pamela Den Besten
  • Don Diettinger
  • Rob Duca
  • Mitch Feldman
  • Ruth Greenblatt
  • Stella Hsu
  • Tim Kelly
  • Holly Kennedy
  • Don Kishi
  • David Odato
  • Eliseo Perez-Stable
  • Howard Pinderhughes
  • Ryan Swenerton
  • Susan Wall
  • Dorian West

Team B: Research

  • Steve Hauser, Chair
  • Allan Basbaum, Co-Chair

Board Members

  • Lisa Bero
  • Joe Derisi
  • Deborah Grady
  • David Kessler
  • Frank McCormick
  • Louis Reichardt

Non-Board Members

  • Don Ganem
  • Julie Gaulden
  • Kathy Giacomini
  • Linda Giudice
  • Joel Kirschbaum
  • Arnold Kriegstein
  • Todd Margolis
  • Mike McCune
  • Nancy Padian
  • Geri Padilla
  • Neil Risch
  • Peter Sargent
  • Morris Schambelan
  • Chao Tang
  • Jonathan Weissman
  • Kristine Yaffee
  • Keith Yamamoto

Team C: Education & Learning

  • Pat Calarco, Chair
  • Rebecca Jackson, Co-Chair

Board Members

  • Bruce Alberts
  • Susan Janson
  • Mary Anne Koda-Kimble
  • Terry O'Brien
  • Greg Potter
  • Jack Rodnick

Non-Board Members

  • Patsy Babbitt
  • Bobby Baron
  • Linda Centore
  • Huiju Carrie Chen
  • Molly Cooke
  • Caroline Damsky
  • Bob Day
  • Dorrie Fontaine
  • Jay Harris
  • Bob Hiatt
  • Jeff Kilmer
  • Jeff Martin
  • Maxine Papadakis
  • Jeff Pearl
  • Dorothy Perry
  • Dorothy Porter
  • Henry Sanchez
  • Kevin Shannon
  • Alma Sisco-Smith
  • Kimberly Topp
  • Isabelle von Kohorn

Team D: Clinical Care

  • Peter Carroll, Chair
  • Talmadge King, Co-Chair

Board Members

  • Aileen Chi
  • Diana Farmer
  • Mark Laret

Non-Board Members

  • Matt Aldrich
  • Wade Aubry
  • Mary Blegen
  • Sue Carlisle
  • Marcelle Cedars
  • Stuart Eisendrath
  • John Engstrom
  • Laura Esserman
  • Susan Folkman
  • Brigid Ide
  • Steve Kayser
  • Clifton Louie
  • Mary McGrath
  • Nancy Milliken
  • David Morgan
  • Diana Nicoll
  • Joel Palefsky
  • Aliya Qayyum
  • Ernie Ring
  • Brian Schmidt

Team E: Infrastructure & Resources

  • Ronald Arenson, Chair
  • Kevin Grumbach, Co-chair

Board Members

  • Steve Barclay
  • Charles Bertolami
  • Bruce Spaulding
  • Paul Volberding

Non-Board Members

  • Jim Asp
  • Mitch Berger
  • Michael Blum
  • Deborah Brennan
  • Karen Butter
  • Chris Cullander
  • Mara Fellouris
  • Joyce Freedman
  • Barbara French
  • Sam Hawgood
  • Bill Holzemer
  • Penny Kniery
  • Hanmin Lee
  • Susan Levings
  • Randy Lopez
  • Dan Lowenstein
  • Geoff Manley
  • Zina Mirsky
  • Sarah Nelson
  • Alexis Purcell
  • Clifford Roberts
  • Tomi Ryba
  • Jed Shivers
  • Jonathan Showstack
  • Cathryn Thurow
  • Eric Vermillion
  • Steve Wiesenthal
  • Bruce Wintroub
  • Lori Yamauchi

Team F: Leadership & Governance

  • Jeffrey Bluestone, Chair
  • Nancy Adler, Co-chair

Board Members

  • Elizabeth Blackburn
  • Kathleen Dracup
  • Deborah Greenspan
  • Non-Board Members
  • Abul Abbas
  • Donna Ferriero
  • Barbara Gerbert
  • Martha Hooven
  • Ken Jones
  • Stephen McLeod
  • Steve Schroeder
  • Mike Tyburski
  • Craig Van Dyke
  • Jim Wells