UCSF to Offer Grants to Improve Community Wellbeing

By Lisa Cisneros

three students talk to one another

To support the wellbeing of the UCSF community, the University is now offering grants for projects that promote various forms of wellness – whether emotional, physical, social, financial, professional, environmental or spiritual. 

Grants are open to all faculty, staff and learners from all campuses and affiliates who may apply for the funds from Sept. 13 through Sept. 30, 2021. The total amount of funds available for this program this fiscal year is $60,000, which will be allocated to successful applicants for multiple projects.   

This new program is being led by a recently formed UCSF Wellbeing Committee under the direction of Wellness and Community, a division of Campus Life Services. The UCSF Wellbeing Committee, compromising a cross-section of campus and UCSF Health representatives, will review the proposals and will base its decisions on the proposed impact of projects. 

Specifically, applications will be evaluated based on the anticipated level of impact in the following key areas:

  • Connecting to UCSF’s pillars of wellness
  • Creating a culture of wellness and supporting wellbeing at UCSF;
  • Emphasizing UCSF’s PRIDE Values; and
  • Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at UCSF in a substantial and meaningful way 

“We recognize that the past 18 months has been extraordinarily challenging for members of our UCSF community,” says Clare Shinnerl, senior associate vice chancellor of Campus Life Services. “We hope that we can make a positive difference in their lives by supporting projects that help lift the spirits and improve the wellbeing of our hard-working employees and students.”

Wellness and Community staff will provide the funding and basic project guidance while the grantees will serve as the project leads. Successful applicants will be notified by Nov. 1, 2021. Once selected, grantees will be asked for a more detailed proposal, budget, and/or additional support materials before moving forward with the project. All well-being projects must be completed and funds spent by June 30, 2022.
Given the dynamic situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, modifications may be needed at the time of project implementation, but applicants are encouraged to not let current public health restrictions impact submission ideas. 

For information on how to apply for these well=being grants, please see the Wellness and Community webpage. Questions about the grants may be emailed to [email protected].