How to Stay Engaged After Retirement from UCSF

Retirement Isn’t a Disengagement from UCSF, But Rather a Shift in the Relationship

If you are retiring now or in the coming years, you can make plans to stay engaged with UC San Francisco through the UCSF Retirees Association or the Emeriti Faculty Association.

As part of the University of California community of retired staff and faculty members, these groups carry on academic activities, volunteer on their campuses and in their communities, and provide generous donations.

Stay Engaged

The UCSF Emeriti Faculty Association and the UCSF Retirees Association have active boards and members. Take advantage of services and benefits offered by the groups.

VISIT Emeriti Faculty Association

Two published surveys sponsored by the Council of UC Retirees and UC Emeriti Associations found that retired UC employees have productive and engaged lifestyles. As one respondent said, “retired from working but not from living.”

These surveys suggest that UC retirees are very active and valuable resources and that there is considerable potential for the University to use the UC retiree organizations to make greater use of retirees’ time and talents. UC retirees are reimagining and redefining their lives to make a difference, and many do so while acting as ambassadors, advocates, and assets for the University of California.

Statewide, the collective ongoing work of emeriti faculty members produces an amount of research equivalent to an entirely separate UC research university, according to the Council of University of California Emeriti Association’s survey titled “A Virtual 11th Campus.”

University retirees and emeriti also contribute to their communities as volunteers in cultural and educational organizations. Statewide, 63 percent of UC retirees reported performing volunteer work in their communities, a rate more than twice as high as is typical for retirement-age populations.

To read the full results from the surveys, visit UC Retirees: Advocates, Ambassadors, Assets and A Virtual Eleventh Campus.