Diversity Champions Honored with 2017 Chancellor Diversity Awards

By Kate Vidinsky

The Chancellors Diversity Award winners stand for a photograph with Sam Hawgood and Renee Navarro
The 13 recipients of the 2017 Chancellor Diversity Awards were honored during an event in October. Photo by Marco Sanchez

UC San Francisco’s 2017 Chancellor Diversity Awards honored 13 individuals who are leaders, activists and pioneers in the fields and communities that they serve for their work toward advancing equity and inclusion.

The awards serve as a testament to the many ways in which diversity, equity and inclusion are inextricably linked to UCSF’s mission to advance patient care, research and education.

“These awards celebrate the amazing results from the effort and hard work in the advocacy,” said Renee Navarro, MD, PharmD, vice chancellor of Diversity and Outreach. “We are honored to recognize these outstanding members of the UCSF community that have gone above and beyond in the movement of making UCSF a great climate for everyone.”

The UCSF Office of Diversity and Outreach honored this year’s recipients at an Oct. 5 luncheon, one of several special events held in recognition of Diversity and Inclusion Month. Faculty and staff honorees, as well as student/resident/postdoctoral scholar recipients, were named in each of four award categories – Advancement of Women, Disability Service, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership, and LGBTQIA Leadership.

Chancellor Award for Advancement of Women

Julie Boiko, MD, MS, is a resident physician in the Department of Medicine and Pediatrics. An aspiring physician-scientist in pediatric bone marrow transplant, she strives to promote an environment in which she and her peers can succeed in academic medical careers regardless of their demographic factors. Boiko previously led a team of medical students in studying the gender profiles of grand rounds speakers and published findings from their research in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) last spring. Additionally, she serves on the Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Women in Medicine and Science’s task force.

Julie Boiko
Julie Boiko, MD, MS

Naledi Saul, MPM, is the director of the Office of Career and Professional Development, where she has consistently worked to empower women at UCSF. In her decade-long experience as a career counselor, Saul has provided numerous women scientists with effective strategies to manage challenging professional situations and navigate their careers skillfully. She has created unique career and professional development programs tailored to the specific needs of female UCSF students and trainees, and has sought to develop a workplace environment supporting a health work-life balance.

Naledi Saul
Naledi Saul, MPM

Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS, is an associate professor of clinical psychiatry and vice chair for diversity in the Department of Psychiatry. She founded and directs the UCSF Program of Research on Mental Health Integration among Underserved and Minority Populations. Mangurian has been a consistent advocate for enriching the diversity of her department, in particular for recruiting and retaining women and faculty from underrepresented groups in medicine. In 2010, she founded a cross-departmental group to support junior women faculty through peer mentorship at UCSF and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG).

Christina Mangurian
Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS

Chancellor Award for Disability Service

Megan Winkelman is a student in the School of Medicine. During her first year in school, she brought attention to how disabilities should be equally emphasized in the diversity programming at orientation. She also identified the need to build an interdisciplinary community for students with disabilities so that they would be able to share experiences and find support among their peer group. The group was quickly formalized and has received overwhelming support.

Megan Winkelman
Megan Winkelman

Kirk Hudson is the manager of the Library Tech Commons, which provides training and support for a variety of educational technologies for the UCSF community. Hudson received the award along with Salman Saeed and Stephen Fernandez, both IT operation engineers in the Tech Commons. Together, they have actively sought solutions to disability-related issues, such as testing space and the accessibility of software, while working to proactively support the disability office and students with disabilities in order to improve service and accessibility for all.

Kirk Hudsson, Sam Hawgood, Salman Saeed and Stephen Fernandez
Kirk Hudsson (from left); Chancellor Sam Hawgood, MBBS: Salman Saeed; and Stephen Fernandez

Chancellor Award for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership

Rosny Daniel, MD, is a chief resident and the director of diversity for the Department of Emergency Medicine. In his seven years as a medical student and resident physician at UCSF, Daniel has made outstanding efforts toward advancing diversity, equity and inclusion. Among his many accolades, Daniel was a founding member of a Community Action Team that provides opportunities for members to engage the underserved in the Bay Area and currently serves as co-chair of the UCSF-ZSFG Emergency Medicine Diversity Advisory Group, which helps spread awareness about cultural issues, celebrate differences, and recruit and retain medical students and residents interested in diversity and multiculturalism.

Rosny Daniel, MD

Judy Young, MPH, is the associate director of the National Center of Excellence (CoE) in Women’s Health, where she works tirelessly on both the individual and institutional levels to promote a diverse workforce, enhance the culture of inclusion, and improve the equity of opportunity for all at UCSF. Young has been at UCSF for 11 years and currently oversees the daily operations of the CoE, including community education and leadership development programs. She has increasingly extended her efforts beyond this job to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable culture at UCSF and in UCSF’s relationship with outside communities.

Judy Young and Sam Hawgood
Judy Young, MPH

Holly Ingraham, PhD, a professor of cellular and molecular pharmacology, has become a champion for diversity at UCSF. She is the director of the UCSF IRACDA Postdoctoral Scholars Program, a National Institutes of Health-sponsored postdoctoral training program dedicated to cultivating a more diverse workforce of biomedical scientists. She has consistently stepped beyond the scope of her position to spearhead institutional efforts in diversity and inclusion within the basic sciences, helping position UCSF as a leader.

Holly Ingraham
Holly Ingraham, PhD

Chancellor Award of LGBTQIA Leadership

Thomas Nguyen and Julia Goldstein are students in the School of Dentistry and led the efforts to form a national movement for LGBTQIA inclusion in their field. They currently serve as co-chairs of the Gender and Sexual Diversity in Dentistry Alliance, which seeks to enhance and enrich the climate for LGBTQIA individuals and to increase the visibility of theses individuals within the UCSF School of Dentistry. Nguyen and Goldstein are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all and to preventing discrimination of LGBTQIA individuals in the school and in student clinics.

Julia Goldstein, Sam Hawgood and Thomas Nguyen
Julia Goldstein (left), and Thomas Nguyen

Danielle Castro, MA, MFT, started her career at UCSF in 2010 on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded transgender community mobilization grant for HIV prevention. She is a passionate leader and advocate for transgender health, HIV prevention and many other racial/social justice issues. In her current role as the community-based research project director at the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, she supports and mentors five other trans women while continuing to advocate for increased rights both within and outside the University.

Danielle Castro
Danielle Castro

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