UCSF Tops All Fundraising Teams for AIDS Walk San Francisco 2016

Zuckerberg San Francisco General’s Ward 86 Gets $100K in Proceeds for Senior Health Program

By Lisa Cisneros

Group photo of Ward 86 care team with large check
Monica Gandhi (center), MD, medical director of Ward 86, receives a check for $100,000 from AIDS Walk San Francisco. The funds will go toward the launch of a program to serve middle-aged people living with HIV. Photo by Marco Sanchez

Craig Miller, founder and senior organizer of AIDS Walk San Francisco, joined UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood, MBBS, and others last week at a reception to congratulate the UCSF community for raising $170,000 to support HIV-related programs and services.

Top 5 UCSF Fundraising Teams

1) 360 Positive Care & Women's HIV Clinic UCSF — $29,826

2) UCSF Alliance Health Project — $29,101

3) UCSF ARI/Global Health Sciences — $24,220

4) UCSF/Ward 86 — $22,360

5) UCSF Campus Life Services — $11,550

Top 5 UCSF Individual Fundraisers

1) Malcolm John — $11,655

2) Edward Machtinger — $6,700

3) DK Haas — $6,158

4) Terry Sonoda — $5,675

5) Robert Mansfield — $5,140

UCSF’s coalition of teams again put the University on top of the leaderboard among all top fundraising teams for the 30th annual event, which netted more than $2.2 million overall. UCSF also drew nearly 500 registered walkers to Golden Gate Park on July 17 – the highest participation in recent memory.

In this special year, event organizers recognized UCSF pioneering physician Paul Volberding, MD, as honorary chair and named Zuckerberg San Francisco General’s Ward 86 a beneficiary of $100,000 in proceeds.

Miller, who founded AIDS Walk San Francisco in 1987 after starting similar events in Los Angeles and New York, reflected on UCSF’s legacy of leadership in AIDS research, patient care and public service.

“As a 30-year veteran in the fight against AIDS, I can tell you that there’s no way we would have the progress that we have had today on so many levels without the cutting edge leadership of UCSF,” Miller said. “And as the founder and senior organizer of AIDS Walk San Francisco, I can personally attest to the fact that our event would not be as big and bold and successful an event without UCSF and it has been that way since day one.”

Hawgood noted that UCSF has had a productive partnership with San Francisco General Hospital, now called Zuckerberg San Francisco General, which is staffed by UCSF clinicians. Dating back to 1873, this historic partnership is known worldwide for adopting pioneering health interventions that translate discoveries into better clinical care.

“This is true for the groundbreaking HIV/AIDS care provided at Ward 86, the first specialized clinic to open its doors to patients in 1983,” Hawgood said. “It is now considered an international leader and model in HIV/AIDS care and research.”

4 men pose with the UCSF AIDS Walk Trophy
From left: UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood; Edward Machtinger, representative of the top UCSF fundraising team for 360 Positive Care & Women's HIV Clinic; Craig Miller, founder of AIDS Walk San Francisco; and William Burton, general manager of ABC7, which was the media sponsor of AIDS Walk San Francisco. Photo by Marco Sanchez

Hawgood and Miller presented a giant check to Monica Gandhi, MD, medical director of Ward 86. She and the health care team will use the funds to help establish the new Golden Compass Program, an effort to provide multidisciplinary medical care, including heart health, mental health, bone health, strength and fitness; dental, hearing and vision services; and social support and navigation for people over 50 living with HIV. The program is expected to launch in January.

Jennifer Mannix and Georgina Lopez, co-chairs of the UCSF AIDS Walk Steering Committee, presented awards to individuals who brought in the most money, led by Malcolm John, MD, director of the 360 Wellness Center. They also presented the UCSF AIDS Walk Trophy to Edward Machtinger, MD, professor of clinical medicine who represented the winning team from 360 Positive Care & Women’s HIV Clinic at UCSF, which raised a total of $29,826.

Edward Machtinger raises his arms in victory as he accepts the UCSF AIDS Walk Trophy
Edward Machtinger, MD, accepts the UCSF AIDS Walk Trophy on behalf of his team, 360 Positive Care & Women's HIV Clinic, which was the top fundraiser for the University this year. Photo by Marco Sanchez
Group photo of UCSF's AIDS Walk steering committee
Members of UCSF's AIDS Walk steering committee and special guests with Chancellor Sam Hawgood (center). Photo by Marco Sanchez

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