New One UCSF Campaign Highlights ‘Brilliant Convergence’ of People, Ideas

By Mike Billings

Two researchers are shown in an advertisement that features Venn diagrams with the words "Investigate," "Innovate," and "Collaborate." Other text on the ad reads: The best minds from diverse disciplines working together to improve health.
One of the new advertisements for the second phase of the One UCSF campaign, known as “A Brilliant Convergence.”

UC San Francisco has launched the second phase of its One UCSF campaign aimed at highlighting the diverse contributions by members of our community toward improving the future of health.

The new campaign will appear this week on the UCSF shuttles and at shuttle stops.

The campaign is the next phase of One UCSF, which launched in March 2015. One UCSF celebrates the dedication of faculty, staff and students to improve health for the local community and beyond. The first phase of the campaign highlighted, through a series of videos and profiles, individual stories about researchers, clinicians, faculty and staff who are playing a vital role in advancing UCSF’s mission.

UCSF ad showing a doctor helping a teen football player on the field
The new campaign highlights how UCSF is making an impact on the health of individuals and communities in the Bay Area and worldwide.

This second phase, known as “A Brilliant Convergence,” uses Venn diagrams to illustrate the coming together of people, diverse perspectives and unique ideas that enables UCSF to redefine what is possible. As with the first campaign, it will highlight how UCSF is making an impact on the health of individuals and communities in the Bay Area and worldwide.

The campaign speaks to the boldness, innovation, intensity, humanity, inclusiveness and public mission that drive UCSF to strengthen its research capabilities, deepen its educational impact, improve patient care and continually extend the reach of its service.

The campaign also incorporates the tagline “Redefining Possible” to align with the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals campaign that will launch this fall.

In the coming months, University Relations will host on-campus events and activities to give the UCSF community an opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.

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