At UCSF, we take pride in knowing that our work makes a difference. We share a common bond – a desire to change the future of health. Each of us is redefining possible in our own way, and together, we are One UCSF.

The One UCSF concept celebrates the drive, passion, and intensity that we bring to building a brighter future for our patients, our students, and our communities.

One UCSF: A Brilliant Convergence

'A Brilliant Convergence' launched in Fall 2016 as the second phase of One UCSF. The campaign uses Venn diagrams to illustrate the coming together of people, diverse perspectives and qualities, and unique ideas that enables UCSF to redefine what’s possible. Ads appear on the UCSF shuttle fleet and at shuttle stops. The concept will be incorporated into employee engagement activities throughout the year.

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UCSF advertisement showing two researchers writing equations. Text reads: Crack the code, break new ground.
The Gartner lab is working to build fully functioning 3-D human tissues by programming DNA.
UCSF advertisement showing a doctor holding a premie. Text reads: Changing outcomes, changing the world.
The UCSF Preterm Birth Initiative is a collaborative effort to address the health disparities that contribute to the epidemic of premature birth.
UCSF advertisement showing a closeup of an amputee's prosthetic leg. Text reads: Baby steps, quantum leaps.
Every day, we make breakthroughs that turn hope into reality.
UCSF advertisement showing UCSF doctor and patient. Text reads: Humanity, tenacity.
Pamela Munster, MD is reevaluating how to treat and manage hereditary cancers.
UCSF advertisement showing a doctor helping a teen football player on the field. Text reads: Best in field, on your field
Anthony Luke, MD, and others from the PlaySafe program are going out to Bay Area schools to provide care for student athletes.
UCSF advertisement showing a clinician helping an elderly patient stretch. Text reads: A to Z, R&D, TLC
Community of Voices, a program through UCSF School of Nursing, uses choir and song to improve the health of seniors.
UCSF advertisement showing a closeup of a scientist's eyes looking intently. Text reads: Never say never, first ever
Shuvo Roy, PhD is revolutionizing treatment for kidney disease by developing an implantable, artificial kidney.
UCSF advertisement showing a girl petting a therapy dog. Text reads: Healing bodies, lifting spirits.
Combining the expertise of a pediatric clinical specialist with a highly trained facility dog creates magic for our young patients.
UCSF advertisement showing a group of diverse students on campus. Text reads: Bright minds, bold ideas.
Community of Underrepresented Physician Scientists is a student committee devoted to supporting and promoting diversity within our MSTP program.
UCSF advertisement showing Esteban Burchard. Text reads: Mission native, mission driven.
Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH is proving the effects of homogeneity on science and working to reduce health disparities.
UCSF advertisement showing two scientists holding a device. Text reads: Investigate, Innovate, Collaborate
Wendell Lim, PhD, with postdoc Lukasz Bugaj, PhD, is engineering designer cells to carry out therapeutic functions.



One UCSF: Launch Campaign

We are a diverse community, made up of people with many skills and talents. And throughout all that we do, there is a core belief that our work makes a difference and that, together, we can – and will – improve the future of health.

The One UCSF campaign launched in March 2015 to inspire faculty, staff and students to share stories of how they contribute to achieving UCSF’s mission of advancing health worldwide. A series of stories were developed (video and web) to demonstrate individuals' contributions, and ads appeared on the UCSF shuttle fleet, at shuttle stops, and on posters and banners throughout UCSF campuses.



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UCSF ad featuring Campus Life Services event producer Joey Convento. Text reads: Bringing play to work.

UCSF ad featuring researcher Shingo Kajimura. Text reads: Using good fat to fight the bad.

UCSF ad showing students Harrison Liu and Veronica Pessino working on a Legoscope. Text reads: Building future scientists - with LEGO bricks.

UCSF ad featuring geriatrician Carla Perissinotto. Text reads: Keeping seniors healthy at home.

UCSF ad showing professor Beth Wilson laughing with two students. Text reads: Teaching the heart of medicine.

UCSF ad showing student Osama Ahmed with headphones on. Text reads: From petri dish to podcast.

UCSF ad featuring Kristen Bibbins-Domingo, director of the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations. Text reads: Seeing health as social justice.

UCSF ad featuring student Mozziyar Etemadi in the lab. Text reads: Turning simple gadgets into life-saving devices.


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