New Campaign Showcases UCSF Pride

By Christine Omata

At UC San Francisco, we are a diverse community made up of individuals with unique talents. We work passionately to advance scientific knowledge, yielding breakthroughs that benefit lives worldwide. We innovate health education across disciplines to nurture collaborative and creative leaders. We improve the lives of communities by creating and implementing urgently needed new health care practices, policies, therapies and cures.

Our ambitions are big and they are leading us to advance in bold, new ways – to strengthen our research capabilities, deepen our educational impact, improve patient care and continually extend the reach of our services. Either directly or indirectly, we are redefining what’s possible and solving the most challenging health issues of our time.

All of us at UCSF contribute to changing the future of health, and we want to capture your contribution in a meaningful way. We have launched a One UCSF web page to serve as a platform to magnify our pride in the work we do every day. We’re sharing the stories of people who exemplify UCSF's ideals – whose individual contributions demonstrate the drive, passion and intensity of UCSF, and together help us achieve our collective mission of advancing health worldwide.“UCSF is a place with an ambitious goal to deliver on the side of medicine the best care that’s possible,” said Dena Dubal, MD, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Neurology and David A. Coulter Endowed Chair in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease. “And on the science end to push forward innovative, high-impact biomedical discoveries that can really impact the human condition on a global scale.”

“I cannot imagine working anywhere else,” said Robert Mansfield, a communications coordinator at UCSF Global Health Sciences. “This is a chance I never thought that I would have. And every day I can make the most of that opportunity. An important part of choosing UCSF was that I wanted to be at a place that when I go home at night I feel good about what I did. When somebody says, ‘Where do you work?’ I can proudly say, ‘I work at UCSF.’”

We want to hear your story of why you’re proud to be a part of UCSF. Join the conversation by visiting the One UCSF page at or by sharing your story via social media using the hashtag #oneUCSF.

For more internal-facing stories from the UCSF community, please visit Pulse of UCSF.

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