UCSF 2.0: Charting the Course Forward

University Explores Big Ideas Generated in UCSF2025

For two days in September, UCSF faculty, staff, students and others opined around the clock in an online game designed to answer this question: “What if you could map the future of UCSF in just 36 hours?”

Ideas ranging from new data sharing, collaborating and learning at a distance, using digital tools to enhance the practice of medicine and expanding partnerships across UCSF and around the world abounded in UC San Francisco’s first-ever social gaming experience designed to envision the future of UCSF in the year 2025.


UCSF2025 Game Winners Make Their Voices Heard

When UC San Francisco announced a game of ideas, many across the campus were intrigued by the call to help map the University’s future.


UCSF2025 Generates Ideas to Enhance Campus Life

During the 36-hour UCSF2025 game, more than 2,600 players shared ideas that ran the gamut from “blue sky” dreams to what could be “quick wins” that the University can do to enhance campus life.