UCSF leads Lancet series on malaria elimination

By Kristen Bole

The Lancet launched a special series on malaria elimination Oct. 29, led by the Global Health Group (GHG), a part of UCSF Global Health Sciences. The series included work by 36 authors worldwide, with guidance and support provided by a GHG-convened global advisory group of malaria experts, known as the Malaria Elimination Group.

The series documents the progress of the 150-year global effort to “shrink the malaria map,” including the dramatic reductions in mortality and morbidity from malaria in many nations and a movement led by the UCSF Global Health Group to go beyond controlling the disease to actually eliminating it where feasible. The series examines the technical, operational, and financial aspects of elimination, and includes a global call to action that details the priorities for malaria elimination in the coming decade, highlights key long-term research needs and calls on specific players to increase their involvement. Authors argue that continued progress with eliminating the disease in countries where it has already been controlled is essential in the process of eventually eradicating it worldwide.

”The GHG and the MEG are proud to join with The Lancet to launch this synthesis of the best information and research available on malaria elimination today,“ said Sir Richard Feachem, Global Health Group director and chair of the Malaria Elimination Group, who co-led the series. “We hope that this series raises awareness of the great progress that has been made in elimination, illuminates the many challenges that remain, and mobilizes the malaria community and malaria-endemic countries to continue shrinking the malaria map.”

Lancet series and overview: https://www.thelancet.com/malaria-elimination

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