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Mood Neurons Mature During Adolescence

A new study suggests that the human brain may maintain reserves of immature neurons throughout life, using these “Peter Pan” cells in a similar manner to the neurogenesis seen in other species

Immature amygdala neurons

Third Street Garage Transforms Into ‘Cellular Origami’

The Third Street Garage across from the new Chase Center will soon be transformed into a visually stimulating anchor structure, complementing the rapidly changing Mission Bay neighborhood and amplifying UCSF’s scientific brand.

illustration of Third Street Garage with branded decor

UCSF Unveils Cancer Building Devoted to Precision Medicine

UCSF is opening a pioneering cancer center devoted to providing adult patients with highly advanced treatments, including immunotherapy, genetic counseling, molecular profiling of tumors, fully integrated clinical trials, and advanced imaging.  

Exterior of building.

UCSF Names First-Ever Chief Biobank Officer

Rohit Gupta will oversee UCSF BIOS, a program focused on providing a comprehensive infrastructure for the “life cycle” of human research biospecimens and enhancing their use in the life sciences.

Rohit Gupta headshot

Targeting the Microbiome Could Improve Parkinson’s Therapy

Research identifies enzymes produced by two different bacterial species that work together to digest L-Dopa in the human gut. Blocking one of these bacterial enzymes could significantly boost the drug’s efficacy in these patients.