A source of inspiration

“Each of these recipients is a source of inspiration. Their impact and service exemplify the mission of UCSF, and it is an honor to recognize their outstanding achievements.”

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Sam Hawgood, MBBS, Chancellor and Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor



Distinguished Nurse Award

Kathleen Cinelli, RN

A clinical nurse in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit, Kathleen is praised for her outstanding care and for creating the Hearts at Home Program, which offers a holistic and caring connection with UCSF Health patients and their families.

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Public Service

Abby Cabrera, MPH

Abby is hailed for her steadfast commitment in promoting health equity, public health and racial solidarity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she played a leading role in sharing UCSF's findings that access to vaccinations failed to account for language, literacy, transportation and digital barriers.

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Diane V. Havlir, MD

During her career-long commitment to public health, Diane has built strong relationships with the City and County of San Francisco, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and advocacy and community groups to combat HIV/AIDS and COVID-19.

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Kyle Lakatos, MSc

A 2024 graduate of the School of Medicine, Kyle has cultivated a cultural shift amongst his peers and colleagues, bringing Native American voices from all UCSF health professions and graduate schools to confer and celebrate, His work has resulted in large-scale changes that will have a lasting impact at UCSF and beyond.

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Dayna Long, MD
Edison T. Uno Award

With more than 20 years’ experience spearheading public health initiatives that enhance the health of individuals, families and communities, Dayna is on a mission to eradicate disparities in children’s health. She is widely recognized as a trustworthy and accountable leader working to improve the health of under-resourced communities.

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Manuel Tapia, MD
Thomas N. Burbridge Award

Manuel has been passionate about public service, social justice and health equity throughout his career. He is a staunch advocate for and mentor of underrepresented learners in medicine, from pre-health to medical school. Manuel’s collaborations with various organizations have a transformative impact on the Latinx community.

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Exceptional University Service

Daniel Chau

Daniel is lauded for the creative and innovative ways to improve UCSF's waste diversion rate through education, training and keeping everyone on track to meet sustainability goals. As a leader in waste and recycling operations, Daniel aims to meet UCSF-wide waste reduction and sustainability goals while driving efficiency.

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Deborah Reiter

Deborah is commended by colleagues for dedicating her time outside of her busy day job to making a difference in the lives of staff. She has been a mentor for the Administrative Management Professionals program for many years and has contributed countless hours to Staff Assembly.

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Amy Van Cleve

Marking 20 years of UCSF service, Amy has worked effectively in every role at Art for Recovery as a volunteer, artist-in-residence, program manager and, now, director. Amy is the driving force to make Art for Recovery available to all Bay Area cancer patients and beyond.

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Brandee Woleslagle Blank, MA

Brandee is recognized for her exceptional dedication and leadership in managing the PhD in Sociology program and the Health Policy and Public Health Specialty Program in the School of Nursing. Her commitment to excellence has significantly impacted the learner experience and fostered community engagement.

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Exceptional University Management

Lani Pettersen, MA

Lani is recognized for applying innovative new methods and creative thinking to all her work at UCSF. Her contributions have made the Department of Neurology better and she excels most in clear communication, delivered in a manner that is kind, thoughtful and precise.

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Nina Pitts

During her remarkable career spanning more than 20 years at UCSF, Nina has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to timely, honest and empathetic communication. Her ability to understand diverse perspectives positions her as a valuable advocate for critical projects to prioritize patient and staff safety.

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Kyle Pusateri, MA, MPH

Kyle is lauded for demonstrating unparalleled leadership qualities leading to transformative changes in global health program operations. His positive attitude and commitment to UCSF values, coupled with his skills in organizational development, render him a truly transformative leader.

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Felipe Rubio

Felipe is credited with managing Custodial Services through multiple challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic that forced the University to pivot in improving health and safety for the UCSF community. His work has elevated UCSF Facilities Services nationally for its multilingual pilot program for its culturally diverse staff.

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