Over 30 UCSF Scientists Honored for Highest Impact in Their Fields

By Levi Gadye

Thirty-two UC San Francisco scientists are among the most influential individuals in their respective fields, according to the most recent analysis of research citations by the science and intellectual property company, Clarivate.

Researchers were chosen according to authorship of highly-cited journal articles – those that ranked in the top 1% by citations for their field(s) and publication year over the past decade. This citation-based list was then refined by expert judgment at Clarivate to produce a final slate representing the top 0.1% of all scientists.

“We celebrate the Highly Cited Researchers whose contributions transform our world by helping to make it healthier, more sustainable and more secure,” said Bar Veinstein, president of Academia and Government at Clarivate. “Recognition of Highly Cited Researchers not only validates research excellence but also enhances reputation, fosters collaboration and informs resource allocation, acting as a beacon for academic institutions and commercial organizations.”

Highly-cited researchers have made breakthroughs pushing their fields to new heights and inspiring new science around the globe. UCSF scholars are among the most highly cited researchers in biology and biochemistry, clinical medicine, immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, neuroscience and behavior, and pharmacology and toxicology.

The 2023 rankings include 52 organizations — universities, government agencies and other entities — that are home to 27 or more Highly Cited Researchers. UCSF ranked 11th among all organizations.

The Highly Cited list includes 6,849 individuals from 67 countries/regions. About 84% come from just 10 countries/regions, including 38% from the U.S. and 18% from mainland China.

Alan Ashworth

Eric Huang

Alex Pollen

Jeffrey Bluestone

Peter Hunt
HIV/AIDS, experimental medicine

Gil Rabinovici
Neuroscience and behavior

Adam Boxer

David Julius

Hope Rugo
Clinical medicine

Atul Butte
Computational health

Joel Kramer

William Seeley
Neuroscience and behavior

Ajay Chawla

Ronald Krauss

Brian Shoichet
Pharmaceutical chemistry

Yifan Cheng
Biology and biochemistry

Arnold Kriegstein

Barry Taylor
Epidemiology and biostatistics

Adil Daud
Clinical medicine

Nevan Krogan
Cellular and molecular pharmacology

Peter Turnbaugh
Biology and biochemistry

Steven Deeks

Matthew Krummel

Eric Verdin
Molecular biology and genetics

Elissa Epel

Richard Locksley

Valerie Weaver
Molecular biology and genetics

Robert Farese
Cell biology

Susan Lynch

Michael Weiner
Neuroscience and behavior

Kathleen Giacomini
Pharmacology and toxicology 

Aashish Manglik
Biology and biochemistry

Zena Werb (deceased)
Molecular biology and genetics

Lea Grinberg

Bruce Miller
Neuroscience and behavior

Kristine Yaffe