Statement on UCSF’s Specialized ‘ACU’ Medical Structures

As part of UCSF Health’s ongoing preparation for a potential increase in patients arriving at our hospitals due to COVID-19, we have erected specialized structures known as Accelerated Care Units (ACUs) outside our hospitals at Parnassus Heights and Mission Bay. These ACUs use specialized air pressure technology to enhance our infection control and prevention protocols and are fully stocked with medical supplies and diagnostic testing equipment.

None of the structures are expected to be used for inpatient care. At each site, one is being used to triage patients with respiratory illnesses, to determine who needs to be hospitalized and who can safely be sent home. The second ACU is set up as a short-term treatment facility, to provide medications and testing for patients who require care without hospitalization. Patients in need of acute care are being transferred to the Emergency Department.

We are continuing to work closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local departments of public health, and the City of San Francisco on our emergency preparations.