UCSF Health Expands Visitor Restrictions in Hospital and Clinics Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

In accordance with an order from San Francisco Health Officer Tomas Aragon, UCSF Health will restrict visitors and UCSF personnel not directly involved with providing patient care and maintaining the UCSF Health infrastructure from its San Francisco hospitals effective March 14.

The order, which will continue until April 30 or until no longer necessary, is a critical step in helping reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus diseases, COVID-19, to the community.

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals provide care for patients with highly complex conditions, including many with compromised immune systems due to cancer or other illnesses. These patients are at the highest risk of serious complications from COVID-19 infections, including death.

UCSF Health is continuing to provide vital care for these patients during this outbreak. It is our responsibility to protect them to the greatest extent possible from visitors who may unknowingly have the virus.

In addition, UCSF Health has a responsibility to protect the safety of its health workers. Preventing avoidable exposure among our work force also is critical to ensure that we can continue to respond to this pandemic. In this light, UCSF Health also will roll out similar restrictions in its outpatient areas.

UCSF Health is communicating the new regulations to impacted personnel, which include employees, contractors, volunteers, or members of the public who do not perform treatment, maintenance, support, or administrative tasks deemed essential to the hospital’s mission. The city order allows for visitors who are necessary to support minors or persons with disabilities who require assistance.

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