Resource Allocation Program is Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2020 Cycle

By Patty Hoppe

The UCSF Resource Allocation Program (RAP) is now accepting applications for the Spring 2020 Cycle.

Serving the UCSF research community, RAP is a campus-wide program that facilitates intramural research funding opportunities offering basic, clinical and translational science research types of grant mechanisms.

“Digital Innovation” is one of a number of impactful goals for future success at UCSF. RAP continues to offer Digital Health Research opportunities through the support of multiple funding agencies. Applicants are encouraged to submit digital health project proposals via the Pilots or the Team Science grant mechanisms.
RAP continues to support faculty in need of financial support at critical times in their career. For example, a grant mechanism designed to assist faculty who have submitted an RO1 grant that was not funded, may opt to apply for the “Independence Support Award” as a way to maintain a baseline level of research activity during a funding gap.

Additionally, the “Hardship Award” is a mechanism designed to assist faculty investigators who are experiencing a temporary interruption in extramural funding and can document hardship. Similarly, the “Re-entry” grant mechanism is intended for those who have pursued non-classical pathways and an option for those wishing to resume their research careers.

Achieving success in obtaining funding support requires that applicants plan well in advance of the submission deadline.

RAP continues to build upon this dynamic platform through numerous campus initiatives leveraged to serve not only the request of the funders but also to facilitate the need for funding support of the applicants. RAP is fully committed to supporting faculty innovation and “Seeding Outstanding Research.”