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UCSF Health Launches Campaign to Reinforce Inclusiveness, Safety for Patients

By Karin Rush-Monroe

UCSF Health poster hanging on the wall of the UCSF Medical Center lobby
A new poster campaign underscoring UCSF Health's commitment to diversity and inclusion is going up this week. Photo by Jessica Bernstein-Wax

UCSF Health is rolling out a campaign to underscore the health system’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The campaign was initiated amid recent concerns about potential discrimination or immigration issues that have arisen among patients and their families, as well as staff.

Download the Poster

poster art with the message: We welcome:  All races All religions All countries of origin All sexual orientations All genders All ethnicities All abilities We stand with you. Visit the UCSF Health website to download the poster in multiple languages.

The campaign includes English-language posters in UCSF Health facilities that state:

We welcome:
All races

All religions
All countries of origin
All sexual orientations
All genders
All ethnicities
All abilities
We stand with you.

Postcards carrying the same message in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic will be available in patient waiting rooms and lobbies, and will include a link to  information on UCSF’s inclusion policies at ucsfhealth.org/WelcomeAll.

Health system staff and clinicians will be able to download 8.5” by 11” versions of the poster in all five languages to print and distribute as appropriate. They also will receive talking points about the campaign, including the reassurance that UCSF Health does not and will not share patient information with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or other federal authorities. The message also will be carried on electronic message boards in the hospitals.

“There is absolutely no place for fear or discrimination in our medical facilities,” said Mark R. Laret, president and CEO of UCSF Health. “We are taking steps to assure all patients, students, staff and their families that our commitment to providing the highest quality care for everyone, including those who are undocumented, remains unchanged.”

The posters are available for download to anyone across the UCSF campus, and will appear in shuttles beginning the week of May 29.

The campaign also will be extending to the larger UCSF enterprise. A version of the posters displaying the main UCSF logo, with a message of inclusion for everyone in the UCSF community, is available through the Diversity & Outreach website.

UCSF has a proud history of diversity and inclusiveness. Chancellor Sam Hawgood and UC President Janet Napolitano have continued to state their commitment to protecting the privacy and civil rights of all members of the UC and UCSF community, regardless of their immigration status.

For further information on UCSF and UC’s support and official statements, see: