UCSF’s Class of 2017 on Lessons Learned Inside, Outside of Classroom

The journey of pursuing an advanced degree at UC San Francisco can be a long one, marked with challenges, triumphs and comraderie.

The Class of 2017 has experienced these inside the classroom, but many of their learnings didn’t stop there. For many on our diverse class, getting to graduation also meant overcoming language barriers, juggling a new family and balancing personal passions. From mentors, to fellow students to the greater community of San Francisco, our commencing students had a rich variety of sources that contributed to their UCSF experience.

An overarching theme from members of this year’s graduating class that we spoke to is that their experiences at UCSF pushed the boundaries of what they thought they would be able to do, and it ended up making them stronger people, ready to move on to what lies ahead.

See our graduates celebrating a major milestone in their careers: