Open Enrollment for 2016 Health Plans Runs Through Nov. 24

By Susan Forstat

Open Enrollment is that time of the year when University of California employees have the opportunity to review and make changes to their benefits. It’s a good time to consider any potential changes to their personal situation and plan ahead for significant medical needs.

Open enrollment began on Oct. 29 and goes until 5 p.m. on Nov. 24. For 2016, UC is not making any changes to its medical plans. All existing plans will be available next year, with a few benefits enhancements.

For 2016, many employees will see less than a $6 monthly premium increase and some will even see a decrease in their premiums for 2016. (Premiums depend on specific health plan selections and employee salary bands.) Employee medical plan rates can be found here.

Medical Plan Enhancements

  • Travel immunizations: For those who travel, all plans in 2016 will cover immunizations needed for travel. Check with your plan or the Open Enrollment website for the coverage your plan will offer
  • Smoking Cessation: Health Net Blue & Gold will add the "Quit for Life" telephonic behavioral coaching program, in addition to its current online program
  • Omada Prevent program: Health Net Blue & Gold will expand the Omada Prevent program for people with pre-diabetes to support those who are at risk for heart disease
  • Oncology Practice of the Future: Blue Shield Health Savings Plan and Core will add "Oncology Practice of the Future," a program designed to ensure comprehensive cancer care for its members
  • Applied Behavioral Health: Core will add coverage for applied behavioral health services to support autism care
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers: UC Care will add more Ambulatory Surgery Center providers in its UC Select tier with a $100 co-pay
  • UC Care Select Tier provider additions Northern California/Bay Area: John Muir Medical Center – Walnut Creek and Concord; John Muir Physician Network (only those providers with a Blue Shield PPO contract – be sure to check before scheduling an appointment)

Other Important Changes for 2016

  • Wellness: UC Living Well (systemwide wellness initiative) will continue, along with local wellness programs. The Wellness coaching and $75 incentive earned through Optum Wellness will not be available in 2016
  • Legal Plan: Open for enrollment in 2016; expanded identity theft protection coverage
  • Flexible Spending Accounts: Health FSA maximum contribution for 2016 has been increased by $50 to $2,550.

**Remember, you must re-enroll annually in both the Health FSA and the Dependent Care FSA to participate**

Open Enrollment Resources

Read more on UCSF Open Enrollment website and the UCOP Open Enrollment Website, or visit UCSF Help Desks set up at various campuses during the Open Enrollment period.

Make benefits changes beginning Oct. 30, log into and click on the Open Enrollment box.

Postdoctoral scholars should visit the Garnett-Powers & Associates website for information on Open Enrollment. This Open Enrollment does not apply to residents and clinical fellows.

For more campus news and resources, visit Pulse of UCSF.