Campus, Medical Center Celebrate Opening of New Clinical Research Center

By Melissa Telli

The UCSF Clinical Research Center at Parnassus opened its doors on Aug. 10, providing investigators with 2,500 square feet of new adult outpatient clinical research space. The newly renovated facility is located in the Ambulatory Care Center at 400 Parnassus Avenue. 

It serves as a hub for clinical research on the Parnassus campus and is home to 120 active research protocols from 30 UCSF departments. Clinical research visits at Parnassus were previously conducted in an inpatient unit on the 12th floor of the Moffitt Hospital. The new facility has been designed specifically to support outpatient clinical research visits, providing better service to investigators in a setting that patients find comfortable.

Nurses at the opening of the UCSF Clinical Research Center

From left to right: Daphne Stannard, Director & Chief Nurse Researcher; Eunice Stephens, Administrative Director for Clinical Research Services; Tina Mammone, Patient Care Director. Photo by Susana Bates

Features of the UCSF Clinical Research Center at Parnassus include:

  • Designated waiting room with mobile charging stations & television
  • Negative pressure rooms
  • Infusion area
  • Multiple exam and interview rooms
  • Nursing station
  • Short-term touchdown space for study staff

Associate Vice Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research, Jennifer Grandis, MD, says that providing state-of-the-art clinical research space is a strategic priority for UCSF. 

“Research, including clinical investigation, is a core mission of UCSF, and providing services and facilities is essential to ensure that we achieve that mission. Our investigators work hard to design and carry out clinical trials, which provide patients with access to the most innovative, cutting edge treatments. UCSF is committed to supporting our investigators and our patients in the quest to improve health and alleviate suffering,” says Grandis.

Unlocking Medical Breakthroughs

Eighty investigators are using the clinic to conduct studies that address disease areas as diverse as mental health, cancer, brain disorders and obesity. 

Exam room at UCSF Clinical Research Center

One of many new exam rooms available for clinical research patients. Photo by Susana Bates


UCSF leaders gather at the grand opening of the Clinical Research Center

From Left to Right: Dan Lowenstein, Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost; David Vlahov, Dean of the School of Nursing; Henry Chambers, Director of Clinical Research Services; Deborah Grady, Associate Dean of Clinical & Translational Research. Photo by Susana Bates

One of these investigators is Adam Boxer, MD, PhD, associate professor of neurology at UCSF. Boxer has four active research protocols supported at the UCSF Clinical Research Center at Parnassus focused on experimental treatments for a variety of neurodegenerative diseases.

“The new clinic is ideal because it is optimized for conducting clinical research. There is adequate space and equipment for study procedures and I like that there are rooms where the study teams can meet. My patients and their families like it too because it’s conveniently located and includes amenities that make their visits more comfortable. I’m happy to see UCSF investing in facilities like this,” says Boxer.

Collaborating to Support Clinical Research

UCSF Medical Center and Clinical Research Services (CRS) partnered to open the clinic.

This marks the second collaboration between the Medical Center and CRS, who earlier this year opened the Pediatric Clinical Research Center at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco.  The new facility integrates clinical research and standard clinical care, which allows for more efficient use of both group’s resources.

“Two cornerstones of UCSF’s mission – providing the best patient care and pioneering research – come together in a seamless fashion at the UCSF Clinical Research Center at Parnassus,” says Sheila Antrum, RN, MHSA, chief nursing officer of UCSF Medical Center.  “The fact that we are able to deliver these vital services through a more sustainable business model is an added bonus.” 

Antrum joined other Campus and Medical Center leaders, investigators and study staff on August 5 to celebrate the clinic’s opening.  Those in attendance toured the facility and were given a chance to learn more about the exciting research studies taking place.

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