Geri Ehle: Supporting the Next Generation of Physician Scientists

In August 2014, Geri Ehle became the coordinator for UCSF’s medical scientist training program, where she supports some of the brightest students in the country as they train to become future medical leaders. Her charge is to ensure students in the program are well cared for socially, emotionally and academically during their long and arduous eight years of study.

Geri meets students’ needs through the coordination of seminars, journal clubs, socials, dinners, an annual retreat and other programming – as well as giving one-on-one advice. She also works on student recruitment. With the help of the first year class, colleagues and the program’s director, she recently completed recruitment for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Geri is constantly humbled by the caliber of student the program attracts. “Every future physician scientist in this program has the potential to cure a disease or develop an artificial kidney or heart,” she said. Knowing that the next big medical advance may be made by one of her students is what keeps Geri coming to work every day. She says that contributing to their education is the most rewarding professional experience of her life.

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