Work Begins on Modernizing the UCSF Parnassus Campus

Retrofitting of Clinical Sciences Building to Start in August as First Steps of Long Range Development Plan

By Cristina Morrison

Architectural llustration of building renovations

Architects' rendering of the planned renovation of the Clinical Sciences Building from Parnassus Avenue. Illustration by EHDD

After years of focused study and research, UC San Francisco’s Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) was approved by the University of California Board of Regents in late 2014.

With this momentum, UCSF is beginning to focus its attention on the Parnassus campus to address critical structural issues as one of the many phases of implementing the LRDP. Rising scaffolding around UC Hall is the first step in the larger plan focusing on the modernization of Parnassus. Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) has been almost fully vacated, and construction will begin to seismically retrofit the building in August 2015.

How will the Clinical Sciences Building change when the retrofit is complete?

  • The first floor will be a public/classroom space with a new main entrance on Parnassus Avenue and access to Saunders Court through this new entry.
  • Floors 2-7 will be a hybrid Activity-Based Workplace environment, which involves a combination of Activity-Based Workplace workstations and small private offices in an open non-suite layout, in which programs will come together to continue their work.

The overall Parnassus Seismic Renovation Program key milestones are:

  • June 2015: Scaffolding and netting installation on UC Hall will provide access to the façade for review and inspection by the design team and contractor to assist with the future renovation project.  The netting will also contain any debris that may come loose from the building.
  • August 2015: CSB will no longer be accessible as a pass-through from UC Hall to Medical Sciences; after the completion of construction, the first floor of CSB will be publicly accessible to Medical Sciences and School of Nursing buildings. Way-finding maps and posters will go up in July to inform affected groups and provide alternate routes around the building.
  • Mid-2015 through early-2016: Partial demolition of Laboratory of Radiobiology. Demolition of Medical Research Building IV. Parnassus Utility Relocation Phase I will impact Saunders Court, which will be blocked off. Pedestrian walkways will be marked to maintain access to the Nursing Building, the Health Sciences Instruction and Research (HSIR) Towers and other areas.
  • Mid-2015 thru late-2017: Seismically retrofit and renovate CSB.
  • Mid-2017: Occupants move into the renovated CSB and UC Hall will be vacated, except that Ophthalmology clinics will vacate UC Hall in 2018.
  • Mid-2017 thru late-2020: Seismically retrofit and renovate UC Hall.
  • Late-2020: UC Hall occupants move into the fully renovated building.

See for more information. Contact project managers listed on Construction Alerts posted near project sites for details and, please, help us keep your colleagues informed.

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