Freya Magnusson: Championing Integrative Medicine

Freya Magnusson first came to UCSF in 2006 as a volunteer and prospective nursing student. Freya worked / volunteered at UCSF’s Pulmonary Clinic, UCSF’s Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Clinic and SFGH’s Emergency Department of SFGH, all while taking her nursing prerequisite courses.

In 2008, Freya and her MD discovered she had fibromyalgia, a disease with few chronic management treatment options, which changed her career focus to natural medicine. Having successfully treated her fibromyalgia with natural medicine, Freya “champions those UCSF scientists, doctors, nurses, and executives who investigate natural therapies and natural medicines.” 

As a Hospital Secretary in the Pediatric ICU at UCSF and a student of natural medicine, Freya applauds the efforts of UCSF to integrate natural medicine as a complementary approach to total wellness, at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, the Pediatric ICU and other inpatient settings. As she helps providers with their work, she gives thanks for “your open-mindedness, your insatiable curiosity, and constant inspiration” as she sees progress made with her patients – and herself – each and every day.

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