‘Mission in a Minute’ Series Showcases the Best of UCSF

Popular Video Series Featuring Researchers, Clinicians and Educators Returns With New Look

By Leland Kim

People who work at UC San Francisco typically have a visceral reason why they chose to be here. This is especially true of researchers, clinicians and educators. They have helped build UCSF’s world-class reputation.

New "Mission in a Minute" Videos

For a complete list of "Mission in a Minute" videos, visit the UCSF YouTube Channel.

Almost a year ago, we launched a video series called “Mission in a Minute” to showcase the best of the work that is being done at the University. This pioneering group shared passionately about their work at UCSF.

Since their videos aired, we have had a constant stream of requests from people who wanted to share their work with the UCSF community and the rest of the world. "Mission in a Minute" returns this fall with a fresh, new look.

We changed things up a bit this time, opting for a new backdrop and doing some media training for this crop of participants prior to filming. They dedicated a large number of hours to this project and this diverse group of 14 researchers, clinicians and educators speaks passionately about their work.

The enthusiasm they have for their work showcases the best of UCSF and its mission. Please take a moment to watch their “Mission in a Minute” videos, which can be found in a playlist on our YouTube Channel. You will be moved. You will be inspired.

Topics range from 3D modeling that could help treat cardiovascular disease to training and supporting global health professionals. Participants also talk about genome sequencing, autism, CT imaging, dental implants, midwifery education, and many other innovative health and science fields and topics.

If you’re interested in learning about the selection criteria for a future “Mission in a Minute” series, please email Leland Kim, associate director of internal communications, at [email protected].

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