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Arts & Events Program Celebrates 50 Years

By Jennifer Mannix

Riley enjoys himself at UCSF Day at the San Francisco Zoo, an event in which 300 UCSF staff and families attended.

Did you know that UC San Francisco's Arts & Events Program is celebrating a 50-year anniversary? The team at Campus Life Services, Arts & Events would like for you to learn more about our rich history and also take a survey that will help us program new, creative and innovative activities far into the future. 

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Arts & Events Timeline:

In 1964, Arts & Performances was created to provide music, entertainment and a campus cinema at UCSF.

In 1986 after the Medical Center conducted an employee opinion survey, which indicated that employees wanted a program focused on building campus community and increasing morale, Empact! (Employee Activities) was created.

Growth occurred again in 1996 with the merger of Arts & Performances and Empact! with a clever blending of the each organizations name a new name, Empact! Presents.

In 2004, Campus Auxiliary Services changed it name to Campus Life Services and the name we have today was created, Arts & Events.

From left, Joey Convento, Jennifer Mannix, Stephen Shorette

and Pilar Deer.

What's Campus Life Services, Arts & Events mission?

To enrich the UCSF campus community through creative arts, performance, and cultural and social events that highlight diversity, foster social wellness, and celebrate the UCSF Community.

Why we do it?

Our website states more simply. Arts & Events produce experiences that transform a routine day into something special for all of us at UCSF. Concerts. Talent showcases. Cultural celebrations. Art shows.  Arts & Events makes life richer for all of us: faculty, students, staff and families.

During FY 13/14 over 23,000 at UCSF participated in our programs and almost 90 events to choose from at multiple UCSF sites.

“Thank you for creating this activities for UCSF employees. This is my second time attending the Valentine’s Day Card Making. I find it therapeutic and relaxing. We are all engrossed with academic and clerical work that sometimes our creativity dampens.

The card making fuels my creativity genes back to life.”  -- Natalie F. UCSF Staff at Laurel Heights

‘”Thank you for all your work to organize arts events and other events for UCSF. Over the years I have appreciated the opportunity to pause for a piano concert or string quartet recital, to view art installations and to participate in creating art on campus. These opportunities help UCSF build community and provide time to reflect on our place in the world.” – Heather A. UCSF Staff at Parnassus

Your response to the Arts & Events survey will give us the feedback we need to continue our goal to enrich mind, body and soul.