Crowdsourcing at Innovation HealthJam

By Laura Kurtzman

Join UC San Francisco doctors, psychologists and public health experts for Innovation HealthJam, a three-day virtual conference, which starts June 17. It is hosted by Panasonic Corporation of North America with eight healthcare-related topic areas.

The virtual conference will engage health care experts from academia, private industry and the non-profit sector. UCSF is hosting an online discussion of how to use technology to serve the health care needs of the underserved, both abroad and at home.

The greatest impact of health innovations could be achieved among those whose health care needs are grossly underserved. New technologies are helping clinicians share skills with colleagues around the country and the world. Diagnoses, treatment plans and surgeries are being guided remotely. But more work needs to be done before these technologies can be put to the best use.

Two dozen UCSF experts, including Claire Brindis, DrPH; Nancy Adler, PhD; Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS; Pierre Theodore, MD; and Dean Schillinger, MD; as well as members of Medic Mobile, will be online from June 17 through 19.

Anyone can participate. Real-time text analysis and data mining will highlight emerging trends and identify potential actions. The event is free, but attendees must register to participate.