It's Election Time for UCSF Staff Council

It is election time for UCSF Staff Council Executive Board, an association of nearly 7,100 staff employees not represented by an exclusive bargaining agent.

All UCSF non-represented employees are eligible to be nominated and elected to serve on the board.

Those who are mewly elected to the 2014-2015 UCSF Staff Council Executive Board become advocates and representatives of all UCSF non-represented employees. It is also a great opportunity for professional development and leadership in the UCSF community. The first meeting of the new board will be in July.

Elections are being held for the following positions:

  • Chair Elect - Assists the Chair and acts as the alternate contact person for all Council business.
  • Secretary - Records and distributes the minutes of Staff Council meetings and committee meetings, if any.
  • Treasurer - Reviews, approves, and keeps the records of Staff Council expenses.
  • Communications Officer - Responsible for hosting, maintaining and editing the Staff Council website.
  • Communications Officer Elect - Assists the Communications Officer in the performance of his/her duties.
  • CUCSA Junior Delegate - Serves as representative of UCSF on the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA). Attends three-day meetings quarterly at UC campuses.
  • UC Regents Observer - Attends, in person or by computer, all UC Regents meetings and presents a summary of the meeting to the Staff Council.

More detailed descriptions of the open positions and additional information about the Staff Council can also be viewed on its website. Members of the UCSF community may nominate or self-nominate a non-represented staff member that you believe would be the most qualified to fulfill these duties. The election committee will contact all nominees to ascertain their interest in running for office.

Submit nominations here.

Nominations should be received no later than 5 p.m. Friday, June 6, 2014.