UCSF Presents Plans for Mission Bay Purchase

UC San Francisco presented preliminary plans for the acquisition and development of a new site at Mission Bay to community members on March 13.

In a presentation to the Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee, UCSF said it is in advanced discussions with Salesforce.com to acquire a parcel of land known as Blocks 33 and 34, directly across Third Street from the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay.

While UCSF is still formulating initial plans for the site, the University would expect to build it out as designated in the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Plan and would follow the plan guidelines for height, bulk, setbacks, streetscape landscaping and other design matters.

The redevelopment plan allows for development of up to 500,000 gross square feet of office and/or biotech space, and up to 500 parking spaces. Buildings would be permitted up to 90 feet tall, with a tower up to 160 feet tall in a limited area at the north end of the site. UCSF will conduct a community process to solicit feedback on height, bulk and building design from neighbors.

The plans are a central element of UCSF’s efforts to create a sustainable financial future by consolidating its leased and remote sites. This type of consolidation would help reduce the long-term operating and occupancy costs associated with the multiple sites that house UCSF faculty and staff across the City, while better positioning the University for the future through better efficiency, coordination and collaboration across its campus sites.

This is also an opportunity to continue building the future of Mission Bay as a neighborhood and enhance the City's ability to address its priorities. As part of the transaction, UCSF will provide an upfront payment of $10.2 million to the City for the sole purpose of developing affordable housing in Mission Bay. It also will provide an upfront payment of $21.9 million for infrastructure development in Mission Bay to FOCIL-MB, LLC, the infrastructure developer for Mission Bay.

These lump-sum contributions, in lieu of long-term payments, enable San Francisco to accelerate affordable housing development in the area and address the City’s needs due to further development at Mission Bay.

The acquisition plans are subject to a number of reviews before escrow can close, including by the UC Board of Regents. As a result, the exact timeline has not yet been determined. However, if all proceeds as planned, construction could be expected to occur in two phases, starting with construction of the north building in the next few years and possible completion of phase two by 2022.


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