Update on Long-Term Occupancy in the Laurel Heights Facility

By Barbara French

UCSF Laurel Heights campus

As the new year begins, I want to update you on UCSF’s evaluation of its long-term occupancy in the Laurel Heights facility.  As you know, we are evaluating opportunities to consolidate UCSF’s remote (or off-campus) sites to save operating and occupancy costs and to improve collaboration across campus.

Teams from UCSF’s campus planning and real estate units, in collaboration with campus leadership, continue to consider options for the Laurel Heights facility, including whether to sell or lease the property. These decisions will be made within an overarching

Vice Chancellor Barbara French

campus real estate plan, which is in progress but not yet finalized. We aim to know more about how Laurel Heights fits into our larger real estate strategy sometime this spring, so campus leadership can make a decision about the future of the Laurel Heights facility.

We understand that uncertainty can be difficult, especially for those of you who are making housing or childcare decisions based on your work location. Please be assured that if we do decide to move faculty and staff from Laurel Heights, we do not expect the move to occur for four to five years. In the event of a move, we will undertake a detailed planning and programming process well in advance and work to ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you for your patience. It is our intention to provide another update before the end of the current fiscal year, or June 30, 2014.