UC Medical Centers Play Role in Affordable Care Act


UCSF Medical Center and other University of California medical centers and physicians are playing an important part in helping increase access to health care through the federal Affordable Care Act known nationwide as Obamacare.

The law is expected to expand health insurance coverage to millions of Americans by extending Medicaid coverage and creating health exchanges that will offer affordable health insurance options. California's exchange, called Covered California, is aimed at those who don't have insurance through their employer or another government program.

So far, more than 400,000 people have enrolled in health insurance plans through Covered California.

Californians who purchase a health benefit plan through Covered California and are looking to access UC's five medical centers and 5,000 physicians for in-network health care can do so by selecting Anthem Blue Cross as their health care provider. UC Health has a systemwide agreement with Anthem to participate as a Tier 1 provider in the exchange that includes medical centers at UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego and UCSF.

Through Covered California, individuals may be eligible to receive financial assistance to make health care more affordable. However, if an enrollee already has access to affordable health insurance through another source, such as an employer or government program, the enrollee may not qualify for financial assistance through Covered California. 

As a public trust, UC has a responsibility to help Covered California be successful and to provide Californians access to affordable health care, said John Stobo, MD, UC senior vice president for health sciences and services. 

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