Article Examines Non-Physician Clinician and Industry Interactions

Quinn Grundy, a PhD student in the Nursing, Health Policy program recently published a systematic review in PLoS Medicine with Lisa Bero of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Ruth Malone of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences titled: "Interactions Between Non-Physician Clinicians and Industry: A Systematic Review."

With increasing restrictions placed on physician–industry interactions, industry marketing may target other health professionals. Recent health policy developments confer even greater importance on the decision making of non-physician clinicians.

The purpose of this systematic review was to examine the types and implications of non-physician clinician – industry interactions in clinical practice. We found that non-physician clinicians' generally positive attitudes toward industry interactions, despite their recognition of issues related to bias, suggest that industry interactions are normalized in clinical practice across non-physician disciplines. Our recommendations include that industry relations policy should address all disciplines and be implemented consistently in order to mitigate conflicts of interest and address such interactions' potential to affect patient care.

This review was also covered in a PLoS Perspective written by James Yeh and Aaron Kesselheim: "Same Song, Different Audience: Pharmaceutical Promotion Targeting Non-Physician Health Care Providers."

Posted by Quinn Grundy