Kenyon Tapped as Calico Scientific Advisor

UCSF biochemistry professor Cynthia Kenyon, PhD, has been named Senior Scientific Advisor of the new Google anti-aging startup, Calico.

Photo by Cindy Chew

Her role was announced Nov. 19 by Calico Chief Executive Officer Arthur Levinson, via a blog post on Google+, as one of “four of the brightest and most accomplished individuals in the fields of medicine, drug development, molecular biology and genetics” to join the Calico team.

Kenyon, who is one of the world’s leading experts on the molecular biology and genetics of aging, will remain a full-time faculty member at UCSF and will advise a world-class scientific team at the new company.

The Calico team now includes Levinson, a UCSF alumnus who formerly was chairman and CEO at Genentech Inc., and chairman of Apple Inc.; Hal V. Barron, MD, former head of global product development at Hoffman-La Roche; David Botstein, PhD, one of the world’s leading geneticists, from Princeton University; and Bob Cohen, MD, formerly an assistant professor at UCSF and most recently senior oncology fellow at Genentech.

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