UC Benefits Open Enrollment Launches for 2013

UC San Francisco's open enrollment period for employee benefits launched this week.

The overall changes in the health care market and continuing increase in premiums to both employees and the University has significantly impacted the direction the University took in designing its benefits program for 2014.

After a comprehensive review of UC’s medical plan portfolio, the University created a program that provides clear and distinct medical plan choices that have very little overlap. Four plans will be discontinued, and two new plans will be added.

Open Enrollment 2013

Big choices and big changes are coming during this year's open enrollment period. In fact, more than one-third of all UCSF employees are enrolled in a plan that will discontinue in 2014. Employees are advised to take advantage of the open enrollment period to update their medical plans.

Open enrollment ends:
5 p.m.. Tuesday, Nov. 26

Make informed decisions at:

Employees can choose a plan based on what’s most important to him or her, whether that’s having predictable costs or the widest choice of doctors. UC’s review also offered an opportunity to leverage UC’s medical centers and take advantage of the changing medical insurance marketplace.

The University is committed to attracting and retaining the best talent and offering innovative high-quality benefits remains among the highest of priorities. This year, like every year, UC is demonstrating that commitment in many ways:

  • Most employees will only see small increases in medical premiums in 2014 and some will see their premiums go down;
  • UC continues to pay the large majority of employee’s health insurance premiums, so UC has slowed price increases;
  • There are still very low/no cost plan options;
  • UC continues to fully cover the premiums for dental and vision insurance for employees and their families; and
  • UC will spend $1.5 billion in 2014 on health and welfare benefits for employees.

Impacted UCSF Campus Employees

A total of 2,822 of approximately 9,502 campus employees are enrolled in a plan that will discontinue in 2014; that’s more than one-third of the University's entire population.

This year it will be very important for employees to take action and make informed decisions during the open enrollment period:

  1. Use the many Online Resources
  2. Read about Tips for Choosing a Medical Plan
  3. Learn about access to care at the UCSF Medical Center
  4. Attend a UCSF Help Desk
  5. Use the Plan Contacts link to call the plan and speak directly with a plan representative