UC San Francisco to Pilot 'Mission in a Minute' Video Series

Deadline for First Round of Submissions is August 16

UC San Francisco is piloting a series of short videos based on the collective brainstorm at the School of Medicine’s annual leadership retreat earlier this year.

Sam Hawgood, MBBS

“One theme, which strongly resonated throughout the retreat, was a call to inspire and motivate our community through storytelling and visual/online media,” said Sam Hawgood, MBBS, dean of the School of Medicine and vice chancellor for medical affairs.

The theme for this project is “Mission in a Minute,” a series of very short (around a minute long) videos with a diverse group of scientists, clinicians and scholars talking about their work, its importance, and how it connects with the overall mission of UCSF.

Some examples of this type of video series are posted on the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine CIRM website, which features the winners of its “elevator pitch” contest.

The School of Medicine and University Relations are partnering on this project. UCSF faculty, scientists, clinicians and postdocs from across the schools and its missions, including education, research, patient care and public service, are encouraged to participate.

A team of faculty and communications staff will select a dozen or more people (or possibly small teams) to be featured for this pilot project. The goal is to create prototype videos that could be replicated by departments, units and programs. The videos will be highlighted on UCSF.edu, the medical school and social media sites. They can also be added to each faculty member’s profile.ucsf.edu page.

'Mission in a Minute' Video Series

Calling all UCSF scientists, clinicians and scholars. Can you articulate your work and why it matters quickly and succinctly? Can you speak passionately and eloquently about your work?

Submissions for consideration can be submitted in two ways:

1. Record your pitch via phone by calling the following voicemail box: Dial (415) 476-1111, then, after the tone, enter *##, and when prompted dial 5-3333, and then # to record.

2. Record your pitch on your cellphone (video or just audio) and upload the file to your UCSF Box account (login via MyAccess), then send a “share file” invitation to [email protected]

Please do not attempt to send any video or audio files via email.

For more information, those affiliated with the School of Medicine should contact Sarah Paris for the School of Medicine and all others should contact Lisa Cisneros.

A team of faculty and communications staff will select the best pitches to be recorded professionally on video.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, Aug. 16.