What is Precision Medicine?

Imagine a time when you could have a simple blood test on the way to your doctor's office and arrive at the appointment to find your doctor fully prepared with a diagnosis.

Imagine that the ideal medication would already be identified based on your genetic makeup and perfectly formulated to avoid side effects for which you are susceptible.

Imagine if we could use the genetic data from every patient to gain insights into the genetic variations in diseases and speed up drug development, to create more precise therapies, faster and less expensively.

And imagine if we could apply this approach to improve the lives of 7 billion people worldwide, at lower cost.

That is the goal of Precision Medicine.

At UC San Francisco, we envision a future in which we will be able to cross-reference an individual's personal history and biology with patterns found worldwide and utilize that network of knowledge to pinpoint and deliver care that's preventive, targeted, timely and effective. 

Join us in the revolution.