What is OME?

In May 2013, the revolution in health will begin.

UCSF is convening the world’s foremost thinkers, creators and innovators to roll up their sleeves and make precision medicine a reality. This summit will launch a collective effort by nearly 150 select participants to harness the power of personal and cumulative health data to fundamentally shift the practice of medicine.

Collectively, they will bring the wide range of expertise needed to make this happen, from big data to biotech, from economics to genomics.

In biology, the suffix -ome is used to connote a totality of precise elements and their interrelationships: thus the entirety of a person’s genes forms a genome, proteins form the proteome, microbes form the microbiome. Today, OME is bringing together the precise elements of science, genetics, computer science and economics to create the totality of health.

The two-day event will enlist the design-thinking concepts from IDEO to create a roadmap for precision medicine, launching working groups across professions and approaches to identify what is needed along that road, from technology and intellectual property to investments and federal regulations.

By design, the event will be collaborative, connecting brilliant thinkers to catalyze meaningful change, generative, turning the conceptual into the concrete, and empowering, championing the most compelling ideas to change the world of health and the health of the world.

Ultimately, the vision of precision medicine is for 7 billion people to receive care that is personal, predictive, and transformative.