Mission Bay by the Numbers

The central campus green, called the Koret Quad, is one of the many open spaces that are part of the Mission Bay development.


The Campus

  • 16 years in the making
  • Mission Bay Land: 57 acres, 43 of which were donated by the city of San Franicsco and Catellus Development Corp.
  • Land value: >$170 million in 1996
  • Buildings: 13 research facilities; 3 clinical facilities for the medical center
  • 3 buildings yet to open: UCSF Medical Center, outpatient building, global health faculty building
  • Koret Quad is 3.2 acres
  • Campus Investment: $1.4 billion, from 2001 to 2011
  • Total Investment (including the Medical Center): $3 billion, from 2001 to 2015
  • 52 artists represented throughout the campus


The People

Graduate Division students enjoy a 2012 back-to-school barbecue in Koret Quad.

  • 4 chancellors involved in creating and expanding Mission Bay (Joseph Martin, MD, PhD; Haile Debas, MD; J. Michael Bishop, MD; Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH)
  • 3 Nobel laureates currently doing research on campus (Stanley Prusiner, MD; Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD; Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD)
  • 300 students
  • 1,003 construction jobs
  • UCSF employees: 2,990 on campus; 1,000 in surrounding area
  • 891 residents in Mission Bay housing, including 59 children.
  • Mission Bay outpatient visits per year: 85,334


The Operations

  • Rock climbers scale the wall at Bakar Fitness and Recreation Center.

    Mission Bay Conference Center hosts 512 events per year, serving 57,980 people
  • Bakar Fitness and Recreation Center: 6,759 members, with an average daily attendance of 1,106
  • 10,000 vials of immortalized cell lines for research from the UCSF Cell Culture Facility
  • The UCSF Cell Culture Facility provides $250,000 worth of kits and reagents at Mission Bay per month
  • Millions of fruit flies singularly focused on teaching us how our bodies work
  • A 7-tesla MRI machine offers the highest-quality scans available
  • 8 eateries feeding the Mission Bay community
  • >100 vending machines offer Smart Choice options