New Student Demographics and Fun Facts

UCSF Welcomes 810 Students in Fall 2012

UCSF welcomed 810 students entering health sciences programs in fall 2012. Almost 54 percent are female.

Here are fun facts about the new students entering the schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy and the Graduate Division.

By the Numbers

  • UCSF welcomes 810 students entering programs in fall, 2012
  • Almost 54 percent are female.
  • About 43 percent of them were born in California.
  • The new UCSF students born in the United States came from 43 states and the District of Columbia, as well as Guam and Samoa (Alas, not one hails from Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, South Dakota, or West Virginia).
  • The new members of the UCSF community from outside the US were born in 59 countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
  • They come from all eight geographical regions — Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, North America, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Australia and Oceania — and six continents, but there is still nobody from Antarctica.
  • The student whose birthplace is the farthest from UCSF comes from Johannesburg, South Africa — 10,546 miles from San Francisco

The A, B, Cs of Students

  • The first names of the members of the entering class range through all 26 letters in the alphabet (there are 96 people whose first name begins with ‘A’, 30 whose first name begins with ‘B’, and so on).


  • There are 59 pairs of students (7.3 percent of all entering students) who share a birthdate, including three sets of three who were all born on the same day — but none of them appear to be twins or triplets.
  • Almost 59 percent of entering students (475 out of 810) share a birthday (were born on the same day and month, but not in the same year).
  • Three students were born on New Year’s Eve (all in different years), and two were born on New Year’s day (different years).
  • Three students were born on Valentine’s Day (in different years).
  • April 15th (tax day) and May 28th (Memorial Day in some years) — are the birthdays of the largest number of students (six) who were born on the same day.
  • Two students were born on February 29th — and both were born in the same year! In 2012 (a leap year), they celebrated their 6th birthday, and so they are among the youngest students ever to attend UCSF.
  • Age of youngest student: 20