UCSF Announces Campus Shuttle Changes to Begin July 5

UCSF Transportation Services will be making changes to shuttle stops and shuttle schedules in response to evolving traffic patterns at both Mission Bay and Parnassus campuses and the need to decrease travel times between major campus sites.

UCSF is making changes to campus shuttle stops and schedules, which take effect


UCSF is making changes to campus shuttle stops and schedules, which take effect on Tuesday, July 5.

These changes will reduce shuttle-related greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion in the Parnassus Heights and Mission Bay neighborhoods.

Passengers who regularly ride UCSF shuttles going to Parnassus and Mission Bay will want to take note of the changes, which take effect on Tuesday, July 5.

“Transportation Services is constantly taking counts of ridership to ensure that routes and ridership are efficiently supported,” says Greg Mohr, transportation manager at UCSF.

Just by optimizing the shuttle stop locations and schedules, Transportation Services forecasts a reduction of 5,000 miles in driving – which is great for the environment – and substantial cost savings to the University. 

What’s Changing?

Depending on the shuttle line, Parnassus and Mission Bay will have new:

·     Pick up/drop-off locations, and

·     Shuttle schedules

Parnassus Campus

The following campus shuttles will stop ONLY on one side of Parnassus and will no longer make U-turns:

  • Stopping only on the south side at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute (LPPI): Blue, Lime and Grey shuttles
  • Stopping only on the north side at the Kalmanovitz library: Tan, Gold, Purple and Black shuttles
  • The Bronze will continue to stop at both locations–LPPI and the Library

Mission Bay Campus

Shuttles will no longer pick-up or drop off riders at the William J. Rutter Center (community center) on Owens Street:

  • Shuttles will pick-up or drop off on 4th Street only
  • The Lilac and Teal shuttles will merge into one route: Green
  • Stopping only on the east side of 4th Street: Blue
  • Stopping only on the west side of 4th Street: Red and Gold shuttles
  • The Grey and Green shuttles will pick up or drop-off on both the west and east side of 4th Street

Other Changes

UCSF Transportation Services will discontinue the Yellow Express (San Francisco General Hospital to 2300 Harrison to BART); regular Yellow will still service BART at peak periods only.

Visit the Transportation website for the most up-to-date shuttle schedules.

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For more information, contact the shuttle hotline at 415/476-GOGO (4646) or email.