UCSF Opens Space Dedicated to Meditation, Prayer

After receiving a number of requests from individual students and student groups, a quiet space meant for personal reflection, meditation and prayer is now available to members of the UCSF community at the Parnassus campus. Before it opened in January, UCSF did not have a designated space on the campus for students to reflect and pray on a regular basis. “It’s particularly a concern for organizations that have a religious mission and want to make sure they’re fulfilling their commitment,” says Joseph Castro, PhD, vice chancellor for Student Academic Affairs. “It’s not a study space, and not for groups to meet. It’s for individuals who want a place to reflect, pray or just be.” The space, located in a classroom in University Hall, room U 70, is available Monday through Friday from noon to 5:30 p.m. To get to room U 70 from the Medical Sciences Building walk West on Parnassus Avenue to the entrance to University Hall located near the crosswalk at Third Avenue. Enter the building and follow the corridor to the right.