UC Faculty Associates Meet at Mission Bay

By Sharon Brock

The UC Faculty Associates, a group which raises money for student loans, scholarships and medical programs, gathered at UCSF Mission Bay last week for their annual intercampus meeting titled Glimpses of the World of Medicine. More than 100 Faculty Associates from four Northern California UC campuses - San Francisco, Berkeley, Davis and Santa Cruz - attended the event, which featured an introduction by UCSF Vice Provost Sally Marshall, PhD, and UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Eugene Washington, MD, followed by three presentations from top UCSF researchers and a tour of the Mission Bay campus. "The purpose of the intercampus meeting is to foster relations with the other campuses and learn what's going on at each site," says Anne Hickey, president of the UCSF chapter, which currently has about 150 members. "We are the host this year, and there's always a lot of interest in UCSF because of our advances in medical science." The Faculty Associates were originally established in 1919, when a group of doctors' wives gathered to raise money for students. Over the years, the group has expanded and the name of the group has changed from Faculty Wives, to Faculty Wives and Associates to its current name, Faculty Associates, which includes both women and men. "Anyone can join now," says Hickey. "You no longer need to be a spouse of someone on the faculty. It's just a great way to make new friends while raising money for the student community." In 2006, the Faculty Associates at UCSF raised a total of $10,000 in which half went to student loans and half to a scholarship fund. Since the start of the student loan program in 1971, UCSF Faculty Associates have raised more than $800,000 for student loans. They have also raised more than $600,000 for the Young Women's Clinic, which helps pregnant or at-risk teens, at UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion.

The President of the UCSF Faculty Associates, Anne Hickey, second from the left, stands with associates from four other UC campuses.

As a thankyou to this community, three UCSF researchers volunteered their time to speak about their current work. First, Homer A. Boushey, MD, discussed the revolutionary new methods for detecting microbes. Christine Miaskowski, RN, PhD, discussed her research on gender differences regarding pain. And Philip Rosenthal, MD, discussed the epidemiology, vaccination and clinical concerns regarding hepatitis A. After the presentations, attendees received a tour of the Mission Bay campus. "I've been a member since 1972 because I like the people and I believe in the cause," says Hickey. "We've come a long way and I'm looking forward to the other functions we have during the year. It's the friendships that have kept me here so long." Photo/Sharon Brock Related Links: UCSF Faculty Associates