Don't Forget UCSF's 1989 Earthquake Victims

UCSF's history is San Francisco's history. That was true in the 1906 earthquake and again in the 1989 Loma Prieta temblor.

Yet most people passing near the Medical Center circle never notice the plaque that commemorates the lives and deaths of five UCSF employees, killed when their UCSF-to-Alameda vanpool vehicle tumbled off the upper deck of the Cypress Freeway in Oakland.

The total number killed in the 1989 earthquake was 62.
The plaque, located on the northeastern corner of the Medical Sciences footprint, is now fully shaded by a tree planted in the spot 17 years ago. The names of the dead include: Rae Beauregard-Sund, Delores Stewart, Donna Marsden, Lanna Lee, and Joy Edstrom. Photos by Majed