UCSF Fresno's medical lecture series at Borders in March

By Janet Warnert

UCSF Fresno will present its second medical lecture series titled “Family Health Today” at Borders in River Park, on Tuesdays during March, from 7pm to 8pm.

The series will feature four health issues.  UCSF Fresno faculty members are presenting the lectures as part of the University public service mission.

“We are overwhelmed by the public response to the first series presented at Borders in October,” said Joan Voris, MD, associate dean of UCSF Fresno. “Every lecture was standing-room only-the public particularly enjoyed the interaction with the faculty who often stayed until every question was answered.”

The first lecture will be held on March 4 and is titled Oh My Aching Back-Treatment Options for Back Pain. It will be presented by Steven Stoltz, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine, UCSF Fresno.  Stoltz is an expert in the field of back pain. He regularly conducts medical lectures providing UCSF Fresno residents with treatment options to help those that suffer from back pain.

The lecture series continues on March 11 with Carl Van Gundy, MD, associate clinical professor of medicine, UCSF Fresno. Van Gundy will present a lecture titled Sleep Disorders-When a Warm Glass of Milk Won’t Do. Van Gundy is one of only a handful of pulmonologists in the valley and has a dedicated sleep lab and pulmonary center in Fresno.

On March 18, H. Michael Sinn, MD, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics/gynecology, UCSF Fresno, will present Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)-Where Do We Go From Here? Sinn’s lecture will focus on the latest research about HRT. He will provide an in depth discussion about what women need to know about HRT and what options they may have in the future.

On March 25, Joan Voris, MD, associate dean of UCSF Fresno, will present Weighing In on Childhood Obesity-Research, Prevention, and Self Esteem. Childhood obesity is fast becoming a serious problem for many of the valley’s youth. Voris-also a pediatrician-will present research on the issue of childhood obesity, discussing ways to prevent it from disabling a child’s future.

The lecture series is free and open to the public. For participants, dessert and coffee are also provided.  For more information about UCSF Fresno Presents Family Health Today, or to register please contact Cara Peracchi Douglas at 559.224.3235.

The lecture series is supported by Borders and is a collaboration of the following: UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program, Community Medical Centers, Central California Faculty Medical Group, Sante Community Physicians, Children’s Hospital of Central California and the Veterans Administration of Central California Health Care System.