By Rebecca Sladek Nowlis

Reno dentist J.S. McElhinney, III, DDS, graduate of the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry, will donate a day’s dental practice proceeds to help support UCSF School of Dentistry educational programs.

McElhinney, a 1977 graduate of the UCSF School of Dentistry, will donate a minimum of $1,500 earned on December 7 to the school’s Parnassus Club, which supports School of Dentistry programs, equipment, and supplies not covered by the regular budget.

McElhinney is one of about 100 UCSF School of Dentistry alumni who will be donating one day’s earnings to the school as part of the Parnassus Club’s Dental Donation Campaign.  Organizers of the campaign hope to raise at least $150,000 through the effort, which would double the club’s annual intake.

In the past, Parnassus Club donations have been used to help support volunteer teachers, a dental clinic for homeless people, and equipment for student teaching.  Faculty development, community outreach activities, and newer technology also have been financed through the Parnassus Club.